Trembleur Lake Lodge

Location is everything and BC Fishing Adventures shows you the best that British Columbia has to offer.

You can get to Prince George with a short one hour flight from Vancouver, or you can drive up, or take a spectacular train ride up through the Fraser Valley.

Our Main Lodge on Trembleur Lake is approximately 300km or 190 miles northwest of Prince George. There are no roads to it, we will bring you there by boat, float plane, or helicopter. We also have two remote cabins on small fly-in lakes, and each are teeming with trout.

The salmon and steelhead fishing takes place east of Prince Rupert in the Terrace area. We have licences for 17 different rivers and creeks. Some of them accessible by vehicle, and some of them we fly in with a helicopter.

All of our favorite fishing spots were chosen for the excellent quality of fishing they provide. We have been guiding fishing clients since 1987 and consider ourselves to be fairly experienced.

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