Wolfgang Quote"After visiting Sweden in 2000 we decided to spend our holidays 2001 in B.C. After reading Michael´s web page we knew that his camp is exactly what we wanted. And it was absolutely overriding our expectations: Michael and his wife Manuela were absolutely perfect, Michael's guiding and explaining (and we had a lot of questions J), Manuela's cooking (arriving-78 kg, leaving in best conditions with 81 kg), the kids and Michael's diving(!) dog, the nature around Trembleur, the wolves, bears, moose and last but not least: FISH. Beautiful Rainbows and Lake-trout at Trembleur, giant Kings and Chum’s at the coast. Hearing but not really believing stories about salmon pulling out over 200 m of line we took our trip to the coast. In the very first morning I learned what it means: Jogging with my salmon down the beach I found that sometimes even 300 m won't do. After all we learned a lot about fishing, nature and life. WISH WE WERE THERE.

Juergen & Marcela, Czech Republic